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Get Ready to Sweat.

& Spinz

High Intensity Functional Interval Training for the whole family.


Our Personal training sessions & Group Classes will increase: energy levels · strength · endurance · flexibility · Core Strength · self esteem
There is NO joining membership or monthly fee! Drop in once a week or everyday with a discounted personal training or class package. No matter what, you will always feel welcomed and a part of the Kix & Spinz Family.


18 and up. Bring your game face

Blast away fat, create toned and lean muscle. Workouts change daily targeting your full body using High Intensity Functional Interval Training movements as well as a variety of new equipment including the rowing machine, spin bikes, and free weights. Always varied Kix workouts challenge your body to the max with sustaining results.

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Personal Training

One on One or semi-private sessions available.

What are your goals? Increased endurance, weight loss, muscle development, injury prevention or rehabilitation? Each 60 minute private session from the consultation to the time you’ve achieved your goals is designed to get you there and then go a little bit further.

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Group Classes

Recommended Ages 9 and up. Boys & Girls welcome.

We have modified our Kix Workout to meet the needs of today’s youth. Kix Jr. offers safe and effective interval sessions, focused on cardio, coordination, strength, and agility. Kids will love working out to the latest music in a special class tailored just to them.

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Celebrate with Kix & Spinz!

Have a special event coming up? Let Kix & Spinz help you create a unique, fun, out of the the box fitness activity to help you celebrate.

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Who We Are

Kix & Spinz is a fitness studio on Mercer Island unlike any other. We are the first and only boutique fitness studio on the Island focused on High Intensity Functional Interval Training for the whole family. Combining inspirational training with high energy music, Kix and Spinz offers a workout that incorporates strength, cardio, core, and flexibility benefitting the mind and body long after you leave the studio.


Studies have repeatedly shown that High Intensity Functional Interval Training is superior with respect to cardiovascular parameters, strength building, and increasing metabolism. Functional Training Movements mimic everyday life movements which reduces your risk of injury and allows you to maintain an active lifestyle. This combination of training is more efficient and yields significant improvements in endurance, strength, flexibility, and athletic performance.

Our Goals

Our goal is to make fitness a family affair. We offer a variety of intense fun workouts and training programs specifically designed to meet the varying physical fitness needs of the entire family. Whether you are already an athlete, a weekend warrior, or have yet to discover your capabilities, Kix and Spinz is here to help you achieve your fitness goals with intense full body workouts in an energizing environment.


Aron Penski

Aron was raised on Mercer Island and credits his early success in athletics in part to the great coaches he had on the Island-which inspired him to develop a career in fitness, coaching, and athletic training.

He is a NESTA Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Functional Training Specialist. He has spent the last several years developing fitness programs and training clients of all ages and abilities. Clients have consistently recognized Aron as one of the top trainers in the area.

Aron approaches every new client as a partner. He works with you to formulate a plan to achieve above and beyond what you expected. Whether you are an adult or youth one on one training or taking one of his infamous classes he will push you to dig deep, finish strong, and power through an amazing full body workout.

Yaffa Penski

Yaffa is ISSA certified in Youth fitness. As a mother of three children in the Mercer Island school system, she knows the struggles parents face with keeping their kids active while staying fit and happy themselves.

In addition to being a mother of three, Yaffa has a Masters in Public Health from UCLA, and has enjoyed 17 years as an award winning sales and management performer. She knows how to run teams and get the most out of them using her contagious energy and leading from the front.

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